Welcome to the Fair Trade Authority Curaçao

The FTAC investigates complaints from consumers and undertakings who/which are negatively affected by distortion of competition caused by potential violators of the prohibition on cartels, the prohibition on abuse of a dominant position and violation of the obligation to notify concentrations. Potential violations of the obligation to notify concentrations may also be reported to the FTAC.

Signals, tip-offs and complaints of undertakings and information about potential violations from other parts of society are important for the FTAC’s effectiveness. Therefore anyone is free to contact the FTAC to report tip-offs, signals and complaints either by e-mail, by phone or in person at the office of the FTAC.

However, the FTAC kindly asks you to observe the following during a visit to our office:
• Visit by appointment only! Contact us in advance if you would like a personal meeting.
• No handshaking. We will greet you with a friendly smile;
• Use a hand
sanitizer when entering the building (a dispenser is available to the left of the door upon entry); and of course
• Wearing a face mask is mandatory
• Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters.

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