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Fair Trade Authority Curaçao (FTAC) is the competition authority that monitors compliance with the National Ordinance on Competition, effective as of September 1st, 2017. FTAC supervises compliance with the cartel prohibition, the prohibition on abuse of a dominant position, and the notification requirement in the event of concentration.

To fulfill this task, FTAC has the authority to investigate and sanction violations. But FTAC is also in charge of providing information and advice to companies to ensure that (new) competition rules are complied with.

Since implementing the National Ordinance in 2017, FTAC has spent a fair amount of time providing information to companies, advisors, and industry associations. This is done using tailor-made presentations to groups and individual companies, webinars, informational brochures in the three official languages, and through our website and presence on the social media platform.

FTAC is now taking the next step in its education efforts by launching a series of animated educational videos. The first two videos are currently available on FTAC’s website. With these animations, FTAC aims to reach and inform a broader public about its tasks and authorities. Therefore, one video explains the operation of the National Ordinance on Competition in an easily accessible manner, while the other video explains the prohibition of cartels.