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Since 1 September 2017, the Fair Trade Authority Curaçao (FTAC) enforces the rules of the National Ordinance on Competition. The FTAC also provides information about the new competition rules. 

In November 2017 the FTAC performed a telephone survey into the awareness among companies of the competition rules and the FTAC. Companies were also asked their views on competition.

The results of the survey indicate that most companies have a positive attitude towards competition. Many companies are also already aware of the new rules.

The FTAC continued its information campaign after the measurement in November 2017 to increase the awareness of the rules and the familiarity with the FTAC further. The FTAC will also continue with these efforts in 2018.

The FTAC intends to regularly measure the awareness of the competition rules and the familiarity with the FTAC.

Lastly, the FTAC wants to stress that also companies that are not aware of the competition rules, have to comply with these rules. Brochures about the competition rules can be found here (in Dutch).

Click here for the results, including a management summary in English.